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We welcome everyone, from individuals, couples, camps, sports groups and professionals, seeking a diverse range of leisure activities. Aggarps Gård has also good possibilities for arranging conferences and courses.  A variety of entertainment is available, including recreational activities, tailored to suit different passions and interests.

For individuals who wish to breathe easy and live simply, treat yourself to the sauna, meditate by the lake and explore our spellbinding forest and nature. Or, hone athletic skills using our soccer field, volleyball court, canoes, kayaks, gym and running track. "Back to Basic" courses are also available, but must be pre-arranged with Jan Hermelin.

Escape into the wilderness and unwind in our warm, and cosy 12 cottages (52 beds). Enjoy socialising in our small or big party rooms. A conference room for business or other meetings is located in the yard.

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  In English, please    We hope you enjoy your stay at Aggarps Gård!!  Jan and Maria Hermelin